Ramon Vecino, presentation in Spain of Lincoln International Spain S.L. February 2008

Ramón Vecino – President & CEO



      • Ramón Vecino (Bilbao, 1952) is an entrepreneur and CEO with over 30 years of experience in industrial enterprises.


      • Graduated in Economics and Business Sciences at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, he was and is an entrepreneur and manager at the highest level of large companies in sectors ranging from raw materials to engineering and construction major “turnkey” industrial and energy projects. He also has experience in the financial world where he chaired an international recognized firm of M&A.


      • Since 2014 until today, he is a shareholder and executive chairman of Normetal Group (engineering company dedicated to the prefabricated modular construction), and leads the corporate development and international expansion of the company that is present in Latin America, Africa and the Arab countries.


      • Until 2010, Ramón Vecino was a shareholder and Chairman of Lincoln International Spain S.L. cabinet, middle-market investment bank focused on international transactions. Previously, he was vice president and general manager of TICSA, an engineering and industrial installations company, and before executive chairman of the group Babcock Spain owned by the public entity SEPI, and president of INIEXPORT, international department of the SEPI group of capital goods companies.


      • He was and is a director of numerous companies and a member of the management committee of, among others, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the COTEC Foundation, the Enterprise and Society Foundation, ADEMI (Spanish Association of Industrial Assembly) and the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Basque Country.


      • Between 1986 and 1989, he was Regional President and National vice-president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

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Mario Ferndandes Subdirector General de UEM-Portugal

Mário Fernandes – Deputy General Director for UEM – Portugal



Mário Fernandes (Lisbon, 1984) is Deputy General Director for UEM – Portugal

        • Graduated in Civil Engineering specialized in Construction from the Higher Technical Institute of the Technical University of Lisbon, he developed his professional career in multinationals of construction in Portugal and Angola.
        • From January 2014, Mário Fernandes oversaw the Company’s General Direction in Angola for the Normetal group, where he was the General Director until his incorporation as Deputy General Director in UEM.
        • Previously, he occupied several positions in Edifer Construcciones SA (Ascensor Group) as Labour Director and Technical Director.

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Foto de Pedro Fernandes Consejero y Director Técnico-Comercial de UEM-Portugal

Pedro Fernandes– Advisor and Technical Commercial Director of UEM-Portugal



Pedro Nobre Fernandes (Lisbon 1984) is Advisor and Technical Commercial Director of UEM-Portugal

        • Graduated in Civil Engineering from the Higher Institute of Engineering in Lisbon
        • From March 2014 until now, he is a shareholder and Technical Commercial Director of UEM – Portugal.
        • Previously, he was responsible of all delegations and sub-delegations of U.E.M SA, managing the commercial, technical and production departments and was a former Commercial Director.

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Marlene Monteiro Consejera y Directora Administrativa de UEM-Portugal

Marlene Monteiro – Advisor and Administrative Director of UEM – Portugal



Marlene Monteiro (Matosinhos, 1975) is Advisor and Administrative Director of UEM – Portugal

        • Graduated in Accountancy by the ISMAI (ISMAI) Portugal, she is a certified accountant since 1995, her professional career is directly related to companies in the financial area.
        • At the end of her graduation, she worked in the accounting department in Alimat where she cooperated with several companies also in the accounting department.
        • Since May 2006, she is part of the Normetal Group, starting her career as Advisor to the Director. Through the years, she developed her career in the company, becoming the Administrative Director and Accountant.
        • From January 2014 until now, she is a member of the management board of Normental Group and of UEM.

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Gonzalo Lopez-Alonso Director Financiero de Espana y Portugal

Gonzalo López-Alonso – Financial Director of Spain and Portugal



Gonzalo López-Alonso (Sevilla, 1972) is the Financial Director of Spain and Portugal.

        • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management with 20 years of professional experience, half in International Trade and particularly in the Engineering sector.
        • He led the management and economic development on major infrastructures projects and branches in 4 out of 5 continents, in world-class engineering.
        • His knowledge in International Trade and especially in Africa and Latam, led him to become part of the corporative expansion project headed by Ramon Vecino in Normetal.

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Alvaro Llorente Director Comercial en Espana

Álvaro Llorente– Commercial Director



Álvaro Llorente Tricio (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1974) is the Commercial Director in Spain

        • Trained in industrial engineering by the UPV, he completed his studies with an Executive Master in Business and Marketing Management from IE Business School.
        • In 2015, he joined the Normetal group as Commercial Director, located in the office in Madrid with twin objectives: to maintain the group consolidation in Latin America and to manage the economic growth in the new Spanish market.
        • Until 2015, Álvaro LLorente Tricio occupied several positions in the Emte Group and afterwards in the Comsa-Emte group as Director of the Emte Installations in Chili. Formerly, he was in charge of the business development in several industrial companies such as the distributor of Control Techniques in Spain.

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Rodrigo ALvarez Director General en Normetal Colombia

Rodrigo Álvarez – Director General en Normetal Colombia



Rodrigo Álvarez (Avilés, 1983) CEO of Normetal in Colombia

        • Is a Civil Engineer with an experience of 7 years in engineering and infrastructures companies.
        • Engineer in Road, Canal and Port (civil engineer) graduated from the University of La Coruña in Coruña-España. He expands his knowledge with “Project, construction and maintenance in high voltage electric power” (ICAI), “Project Management PMP” and “Superior Technician in Labour Risks Prevention”.
        • From February 2016 until now, he is the Managing Director of Normetal Colombia SAS and the Technical Director of the Normetal group in Latin America.
        • Previously and since January 2015, he joined the Normetal Group, occupying the position of Project Manager in Normetal Spain, executing turnkey projects.
        • From 2009 to 2015, he worked as Project Manager and Director of Quality and Environment, in an engineering and civil work construction company the last year in Chili.

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