Normetal seeks excellence every day in its entire process of fabrication and marketing. This search begins with our production processes, including the demand for quality from our suppliers and strategic partners, to the final assembly of projects developed to the specification of our customers.

Our commitment is total and constant in the implementation of best practices throughout the value chain, and at all levels of our organisation regardless of the country in which we operate. The quality management of Normetal extends to all our work and production centres.

Recently UEM, the factory of the Normetal group in Lousada (Portugal), has obtained the following certifications:

* Quality: ISO 9001

* Environment: ISO 14001

* Safety, Hygiene, and Health at Work: OHSAS 18001

These certifications recognise the important investment of Normetal to guarantee the greatest efficiency and quality, respecting the environment throughout the production process to achieve the maximum satisfaction of employees, clients, and partners.