NORMETAL offers galleries, stages, and prefabricated stands for sporting, political, or cultural events, etc., as well as stages of various heights with stairs, handrails, and all types of accessories.

    Components: Structure of rolled steel, hot-dip galvanised; floors made of galvanised steel profiles, forming a self-supporting frame. Subsequently, a waterproofed plywood deck is installed, covered with a phenolic wear-resistant film. The seats are individual shells of extruded plastic treated against ultraviolet rays.

    Resistance: All of the elements that make up the grandstands and stages have been designed to withstand an overload of 500 Kg/m2 and other loads imposed by the regulation in force.

    Seats: Rigid seats with individual support and dorsal protection, manufactured in high quality extruded polypropylene plastic.

    Mounting: The parts are assembled with patented hardware, without the need for bolts or additional fasteners. The mounting can be done in a few hours without the use of auxiliary mechanical means.

    Extension: Thanks to the modular format, the galleries and stages can be expanded by adding the necessary parts. Both products are highly versatile.

    Safety: The galleries have tubular handrails at the height of 0.90 m, manufactured in galvanised steel to prevent wear and oxidation. Their design has been studied to avoid being scalable, to increase their safety.

    To allow safe access and exit, 1.35 m wide accesses are incorporated every 9.45 m at most, with a step height of 0.25 m. Individual support and dorsal protection, manufactured in high quality extruded polypropylene plastic.


    • Advise on Civil Works
    • Pre-sale Service
    • Technical Assistance
    • Advise on optimisation of spaces and image
    • Financing
    • Relocation (Dismantling)


    • Width: 425 mm
    • Depth: 410 mm
    • Height of the backrest: 340 mm
    Gradas y Escenarios
    Gradas y Escenarios

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