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Normetal is an European company, leader in the business of prefabricated modular construction. It owns a 9,000 m2 plant in Oporto with an annual production capacity of more than 80,000 m2, and a rental fleet of more than 1,800 modules, enough to accompany clients on their international projects.

Normetal sells and rents prefabricated modular solutions in Spain since1973, in Portugal since 1991, and in 37 countries around the world. It has offices in Madrid, Oporto, Lisbon, Algarve, Luanda, Maputo, Bogota, and Lima. Its staff includes 150 professionals in multidisciplinary teams, coordinated and directed by a powerful technical office formed by specialised engineers and architects, capable of responding with efficiency and quality for any project.

Magazine 2022

Discover how was 2021 at Normetal and the projects made around the world, as well as the news we present for this year.

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Why Normetal?

The Normetal Group can offer the best solutions of engineering and modular construction in a personalised manner and in the shortest time, thanks to its experience and a high degree of specialisation and team spirit amongst its professionals that are involved in each project.

Operations carried out at national and international levels, having worked on three continents and with offices in six countries, with the guarantee of having been honoured with several awards for excellence of work and possessing the international certificate of quality regulated under the Standard ISO 9001.

Saves costs and time by reducing delivery times up to a third compared to traditional construction, and offers the great advantage of being able to transport the installation when required. With the highest quality and a total guarantee resulting from the standards and controls that are applied in the production process corresponding to an industrial factory.

More than 4,500 clients have trusted Normetal. Contact its professionals now and develop your project with the greatest guarantee of success.


Work Methodology

From the first moment that Normetal receives a request, the commercial department works hand in hand with the departments of design, engineering, and production. Each case is analysed and developed collectively, as if it were a specialised consultancy, to give shape to the best possible solution in a proposal that includes:

  • A detailled description of the scope.
  • A model or computer graphics in 2D or 3D with the different views.
  • A firm budget for time and cost.
  • Some contractual conditions.
  • Financing alternatives.


In addition to working on the proposal as a team and in a personalised way, Normetal also offers an effective post-sales service with the possibility of contracting the most appropriate insurance and maintenance services for its construction.

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