The health sector is one of the major beneficiaries of the Normetal prefabricated modular construction as a response to urgent health services that can be provided in a short time with high standards of quality and safety.

    The most common modular utilities in the health sector are shown below:

    HEALTH CENTRES: Due to the ease and speed of execution, NORMETAL can provide installations to configure the health centre required by our clients, including the different consultation offices, waiting rooms, and areas for workers, storage, and health. The limit on space is set by our client.

    EMERGENCY SERVICE: During festive seasons, or the season of contagious flu, or during those days when difficulties, of whatever nature, coincide, and the emergency division is not enough. Due to this shortage, if the health centre needs to expand the emergency area (boxes, waiting rooms, consultations, etc.), NORMETAL recommends the use of modular health solutions.

    ADDITIONAL PAVILIONS These pavilions permit the growth and expansion of whatever health centre, to house, for example, laboratories, cafeterias, waiting rooms, etc., with prefabricated modular construction.

    Even so, it is not necessary to be limited to a small increase of space. The modular construction offered by NORMETAL allows expansion of the installations to the extent required by the client. For example, a new pavilion dedicated to radiology would be perfectly possible.

    OTHER APPLICATIONS: Day centres, guard houses, or chapels are other requested installations that can be satisfied by installing NORMETAL modules.

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