NORMETAL eis a specialist in metallic construction, and based on the modularity of its products, has developed industrial warehouses and fully modular storage solutions.

    The Normetal industrial warehouses are characterised by their formation with assembled rings. Therefore, their length can be extended at any time, depending on the needs that could arise in the future.

    Consult us if you require a modular warehouse of specific dimensions; we will be delighted to propose alternatives that might fit your requirements.

    Concerning customisation, the diverse Normetal storage units can be insulated for which they can be built with insulating panels, or built with simple sheeting if no insulation is required.

    It is also possible to provide modular industrial warehouses with skylights to utilise natural light for lighting and to reduce energy costs. They can also be left completely open around the perimeter or with a wide variety of doors, either folding, sliding, rapid …

    The prefabricated Normetal warehouses allow for quick and easy mounting, which makes it easier to have storage facilities available in very little time.

    Moreover, if there is a need to move them, the disassembly and transport are simple and rapid due to the modular nature of the construction.


    • 7 x 4m
    • 10 x 4m
    • 11 x 6m
    • 12 x 5m
    • 15 x 6m
    • 20 x 6m
    • 20 x 7m

    Naves y Almacenes
    Naves y Almacenes

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