Normetal modular houses are custom-made to suit any architectural or aesthetic requirement. Therefore, the work we have done in modular construction have allowed us to create modular houses that are:

  • Convenient
  • Functional
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable


At Normetal, we are able to build modular houses with:

  • Special finishes for a hygienic solution and adapted to each practice.
  • That meet the demand for the use of each home, while increasing energy savings.
  • Optimising delivery times and construction costs.
  • Modular homes are long-lasting.

 On the basis of excellent value for money.

Construcción Modular y Construcción Tradicional


Our building solutions for modular homes stand out for:

  • Providing Turnkey construction and are fully equipped.
  • Offer scalable, personalized and complete solutions.
  • Being environmentally friendly, because modular homes maintain temperatures better and have a lower environmental impact.


 Thanks to our solutions that enhance energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions, construction costs and execution times are reduced, thus extending the useful life of modular homes.

Leaders in Modular Home Construction

More than 40 years of experience in the construction of modular houses make us one of the main groups in Europe, Latin America and Africa with more than 4,500 customers who have placed their trust in Normetal.

 Our unique working methodology allows design, engineering and production to come together to offer the best possible solution according to the needs of modular homes.

 If you need a modular home, contact us!


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Central office – España
Lisboa redu
Central office – Portugal
Toledo redu
Industrialized factory – España

Carretera de Madrid-Toledo Km 47,700
Yuncler – (Toledo)

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Factory- Portugal

Parque Industrial Santana
Lousada – (Oporto)

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