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Normetal Provides The Portable Offices For The Copa Del Rey

Normetal is the company responsible for providing the portable offices to be installed around the Vicente Calderon Stadium, where the final of the Copa del Rey will take place next Sunday. The match will confront the Barcelona FC against Seville FC. The organisation has entrusted the assembly of prefabricated booths prefabricated booths to Normetal this […]

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Advantages Of The Different Types Of Prefabricated Warehouses

Before carrying out the construction of a  prefabricated warehouse, it is necessary to be clear about the type of warehouse required and the advantages or disadvantages of the different types. The  prefabricated warehouses  are classified or catalogued according to the materials used in their construction. We can principally consider two different types, considering the different materials: […]

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Normetal Group, Sponsor Of The Volvo Ocean Race

The Normetal Group, sponsor and supplier of modular constructions for the event, had the pleasure of sharing with you the experience of the 13th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race that took place in Lisbon from June 1 – 7. Link of the event: http://www.volvooceanrace.com/es/home.html

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