Advantages Of The Different Types Of Prefabricated Warehouses

Before carrying out the construction of a  prefabricated warehouse, it is necessary to be clear about the type of warehouse required and the advantages or disadvantages of the different types.
The  prefabricated warehouses  are classified or catalogued according to the materials used in their construction. We can principally consider two different types, considering the different materials:

1) Warehouses manufactured from steel

The warehouses manufactured from steel have the advantages of using a material of great resistance, and with a rapid and clean construction since the assembly is simple by the mounting of rings. Another important characteristic of this type of warehouse is that, if a larger warehouse is required, we can easily expand our building by adding rings. On the other hand, the steel structures are lighter in comparison to those of concrete, and this implies, in general, lower foundation costs. All these advantages can be exploited with Normetal that addresses this type of projects in a personalised manner and in record time.

2) Prefabricated concrete warehouses.

Prefabricated concrete warehouses have the advantages of being easy to put together but are generally not very high and have difficulties in obtaining natural lighting in the internal space. This type of warehouse has maximum resistance to adverse conditions such as fire.

If you are considering the installation of  prefabricated industrial warehousecontact us without any commitmentWe will be pleased to explain the whole process in more detail.

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