Normetal Grandstands And Galleries

Normetal Grandstands And Galleries

Desde hace más de 15 años, Normetal se ha consolidado como empresa líder en el sector de las estructuras y construcciones modulares. Dentro de este amplio sector, las gradas y las tribunas desmontables se han constituido como un factor clave en el que Normetal se ha sabido adaptar a las necesidades y exigencias de sus clientes, ofreciéndoles en cada caso soluciones rentables.

Normetal is capable of providing versatile, safe, and comfortable structures, for sale or rent, which vary from 20 to 17,000 seats, perfect for all kinds of events. In this regard, festivals such as the  Open Estoril, the Mundial de Beach Soccer de la FIFA or the Festival de Arnette-O Marisquinho XVI  confirm the adaptability of our constructions and the reliability and professionalism of our service.

Furthermore, these structures can be installed in any interior or exterior environment, even on sand, and Normetal can offer special galleries to its clients where circumstances require them.

On the other hand, Normetal galleries can be of three different types:

– In height and with a front aisle

– In height and with a double front aisle

– At ground level and with no front aisle

With regard to safety, this is an aspect that Normetal conceives as a priority. The whole structure assembled with self-locking parts (to prevent removal by unauthorised personnel) permits an overload of 500 km/m2 which guarantees its integrity in any circumstance.

Furthermore, the floor is completely covered by a non-skid material, and the individual seats are made of a polypropylene material that guarantees optimum comfort for the user.

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