Schools and Day-Care Centres



    NORMETAL designs, manufactures, and assembles prefabricated modular schools and colleges, one of the most attractive alternatives for the installation of temporary study spaces according to the scholastic demand. We undertake to deliver a product with excellent customisation, comfort, and ease of use with excellent finishes both outside and inside. The prefabricated schools permit the configuration of different sized modular schools that adapt to the needs of each situation, complying with the most stringent parameters of safety, comfort, and with a practical functional design based on years of experience in the school sector.

    At NORMETAL it is important to us that each detail of our clients’ projects are perfect regarding quality and short delivery time, for which reason our modular buildings comply with the standards established for the sector.


    • Prefabricated infant schools.
    • Modular day-care centres or prefabricated classrooms.
    • School cafeterias, canteens, and restaurants.
    • Gymnasiums and play-rooms.
    • Storage solutions.
    • Computer and language rooms.
    • Temporary spaces for the development of education.
    Colegios y Guarderías
    Colegios y Guarderías
    Colegios y Guarderías
    Colegios y Guarderías
    Colegios y Guarderías
    Colegios y Guarderías
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