Normetal, a leader in industrialized construction, has developed a proposal for modular depots and warehouses based on product modularity to offer customised solutions to your needs.

 Advantages offered by Normetal in modular and industrialized construction:

  • Versatility.
  • Reduction of energy expenditure by supplying depots and modular warehouses with skylights to use natural light as main lighting.
  • Depots and modular warehouses that are completely open along their perimeter with a wide variety of doors, both foldable and fast or sliding.



Normetal modular depots are characterized by their ring construction that is assembled together. Therefore, its length can be extended at any time depending on the needs that may arise in the future.


 In addition, we offer other logistics solutions such as modular warehouses. This type of industrialized warehouse allows quick and easy assembly, which makes it easy to have storage facilities available quickly.

If there is a need for relocation, disassembly and transport is simple and quick due to the modular nature of the construction. In addition to being fully customizable in its configuration and finish.

Normetal adapts to your modular warehouse needs

 At Normetal, we offer different measurements to adapt to the needs of our customers. Contact us if you need a modular warehouse or depot, and we will be happy to propose solutions for your projects.

 We also have a modular building rental service, so you can have a modular warehouse, via Normetal Rent.


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