Normetal’s long international experience has made us aware of the notable need to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of drinking water, sanitation and renewable energy in an autonomous and sustainable manner in the vast majority of the territories where we operate.

Through our company NORAQUA, we want to provide solutions to these needs of our clients, complementing our catalogue of products and services with the supply of:

  • Compact and modular water treatment equipment and systems necessary to guarantee fixed or mobile supply of drinking water from fresh, brackish or saline sources.
  • Compact and modular wastewater treatment equipment and systems.
  • Renewable energy equipment and systems.

NORAQUA systems follow the same principles of modularity, interconnectivity, mobility, flexibility and scalability as Normetal’s construction designs.

Our prefabricated and in house-tested equipment incorporate the most advanced technologies in purification, automation and renewable energy, which provide affordable, reliable, robust and easy-to-operate and maintain solutions, especially suitable for:

  • Life camps installed by our clients for their large infrastructure projects, implemented all over the world.


  • Health and research centres, schools and training centres that must have the guarantee of an autonomous and independent operation of their water and energy facilities.


  • Remote installations, industrial, electrical, agricultural, etc.


  • Populations located far from the big cities and therefore from the water and electricity supply systems and networks.


  • Populations located in conflict or natural disaster zones.

NORAQUA’s compact and modular systems allow us to design and implement in short terms from the simplest solutions to the most complex and large interconnected treatment systems, all of them with reduced investment and operating costs.

Grupo Normetal supplies different types of compact and modular desalination, drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, conforming to the following criteria:

Incorporation of the most advanced technologies

Automation / Remote plant management

Easy transport of pre-assembled elements

Short implementation schedules

Factory prefabrication and pre-testing

Compact designs

Interconnectivity, adaptability, flexibility and scalability

Simple operation and maintenance

Renewable energy sources and reduced environmental footprint

Robust and reliable

Low investment and operating cost for the


All the different lines of products manufactured and all projects implemented by NORAQUA include the possibility of completing its scope with the necessary training to the clients’ operators, as well as with the operation and maintenance services the client may need.

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