Normetal, a sustainable company

At Grupo Normetal, we are committed to sustainability, which is why our activity is based on a new form of construction: sustainable construction.

Our mission, vision and values fuse together to achieve a single objective: to design a sustainable planet. Modular and industrialized construction boosts sustainable development from its three dimensions: environmental, economic and social.

Our responsibility: to think and act like a sustainable company

  • Our modular and industrialized buildings are respectful to the environment, as they are tailored to its characteristics and conditions.
  • They are made in our factories. This way, we reduce sound pollution, in addition to harm arising from building on-site.
  • We use less energy and resources by using materials with a low environmental impact.
  • Our modules are manufactured with steel because it is a 100% recyclable material and helps to minimize energy costs.
  • We carry out controls of waste generated in the projects, whether in their manufacturing or installation.
  • We dry build, which enables us to construct any type of building while preventing the generation of waste.
  • Our modular blocks are recyclable, they can be used to build new buildings.

A sustainable modular and industrialized construction company which has signed up to the Sustainable Development Goals

Grupo Normetal has signed up to the Sustainable development agenda in its responsibility for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We focus on:

• ODS 3 –  Health and well-being

• ODS 4 – Quality education

• ODS 7 – Affordable and non-polluting energy

• ODS 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure

• ODS 17 – Partnerships for the goals