Normetal strives for excellence throughout its manufacturing and installation processes and, therefore, offers its customers quality.

Our commitment is absolute and unwavering when it comes to implementing the best practices throughout the value chain, and at all levels of our organization, regardless of the country we operate in.

This endeavor includes our suppliers and strategic partners, to the final assembly of our customers’ bespoke projects.

Efficiency and reliability in all of our projects

Grupo Normetal has implemented an Integrated System for Quality Management, Environment, Health and Safety in the Workplace and Energy Efficiency, focused on:

  • Offering solutions aimed at the satisfaction of its customers with regard to meeting their needs, requirements and expectations.
  • Continuously improving the efficiency of its processes, the organization and its control.
  • Complying with the requirements of the customer, legal and regulatory requirements with regard to the environment.
  • Developing working procedures to prevent, reduce and eliminate, wherever possible, the environmental impact of its activities.
  • Selecting suppliers and subcontractors based on criteria of quality, environment, health and safety in the workplace and energy efficiency.
  • Establishing Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems, with sufficient means to achieve its purposes, including the prevention of harm and deterioration of workers’ health.

Quality certifications

These certificates show the importance that Normetal attaches to guaranteeing quality and efficiency, respecting the environment throughout the production process to achieve the maximum satisfaction of employees, customers and partners:

Quality: ISO 9001
Environment: ISO 14001
Health and safety in the workplace: ISO 45001
Energy Management System (EMS): ISO 50001

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