A “design and build” project of 960 m2 grouped into three buildings with high-quality finishes and a highly varied functional program.

colegios y aulas modulares tempranales

Expansion project for the Tempranales educational center in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Spain

hospitales y clínicas centro de atención primaria generalitat

This project consists of 16 Primary Care Centers for covid vaccination attached to existing health centers throughout Catalonia.

PHOTO-2023-02-02-17-29-52 (2) (1)
Oficina central – España
Lisboa redu
Oficina central – Portugal
Toledo redu
Fábrica Industrializada – España

Carretera de Madrid-Toledo Km 47,700
Yuncler – (Toledo)

Lousada redu
Fábrica – Portugal

Parque Industrial Santana
Lousada – (Oporto)

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